Working with Virto Mini Calendar

Calendar and events list

Virto Mini Calendar displays items both in a calendar and as a list. The days with scheduled events are marked with a gray dot in the calendar and are color-coded in the list (check the calendar source settings to see the colors of added data sources).

Since the last update, the mini calendar shows the categories on the events in the same way as the main calendar. If you hover over a category on an item, its name will appear.

Click the eye icon to hide the calendar and display events as a list of items. This option may be especially useful when you have everyday events. In this case, the event point is less informative because you will see it for every date on your mini calendar. So just hide the calendar and view events as a list if it is more appropriate for you.

Virto Mini Calendar is easy to use and navigating between the dates is simple. Just click the event point on the date you wish to view. If you click on an empty day, the window to add an event will appear (please check your app version before you try this option).

Event details

If you click an event in the list, you will see the detailed information according to your calendar settings — schedule, attendees, importance, location, organizer, etc. The color-coded category is also shown at the bottom of the displayed block. To hide the event details, click its title once again.

The previous versions of Virto Mini Calendar allowed printing of the visible range of Mini Calendar events. We have improved this part of the app settings, and now you can print the full range of events can be printed even if they are not all visible on the screen at once.

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