About Virto Gantt Chart

Product Overview

Virto Gantt Chart App for SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 is an enterprise-level project management tool designed to facilitate comprehensive planning and execution. This visually appealing and user-friendly tool simplifies task and project oversight, engages team members, and keeps clients and partners updated. Suitable for users of all project management backgrounds, the Virto Gantt Chart enhances productivity and collaboration within teams.

Key Features:

  • Unified Views: Overlay multiple SharePoint lists into one intuitive Gantt chart.

  • Interactive Task Management: Add, edit, move, delete, and resize tasks and milestones directly in the chart.

  • Task Dependencies and Milestones: Create dependencies and set milestones for efficient project timelines.

  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Adjust task durations and completion percentages easily.

  • Customization Options: Define colors for tasks, summaries, milestones, and completion percentages.

  • Multi-Project View: Display and manage several projects in one chart.

  • Flexible Viewing Options: You can switch between a Gantt Chart, Chart View, List View, and Resource View with various timescales.

  • Export Capabilities: Export charts to PDF, PNG, or as a template.

  • Security and Permissions: Control who can edit and view tasks.

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