Hide/collapse swimlanes

Use the hide empty swimlanes icon to hide all swimlanes that do not currently contain any tasks.

You can collapse or show all the swimlanes at once by using the relevant icon.

Switch swimlanes

You can change the field directly on the board to view tasks grouped in swimlanes. There’s no need to open the settings and make modifications—simply choose the desired swimlane field from the drop-down menu.

Quick boards have swimlanes organized by a project by default. You can change it by choosing the desired view from the "View by" drop down menu.

If you want to create a new project, create a new task and type your new project name at the bottom of the task's card.

Click "Save & Close".

Here's how swimlanes look like, viewed by project (you can hide or expand them by clicking "+" or "-" icon to the left of the project name):

In board's settings you can edit swimlanes' names and tick the box if you want to collapse the swimlane by default.

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