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Kanban Board in Microsoft Teams

You can add Kanban Board Pro by Virto to Microsoft Teams as a separate tab. This way, you won’t need to switch between applications to manage your team’s tasks.
You can create and manage tasks as usual in Teams and adjust the board settings in SharePoint. Although customization of kanban boards is only available in the SharePoint environment, you can display and manage the board’s tasks in Teams without access to settings.
The kanban boards in Teams inherit the user permissions from SharePoint and are invisible to external users in Teams. To add a board to Teams, open the channel and click “+.”
Add a tab
Find the Virto Kanban app and click on it.
Find Virto Kanban
Now click “Add.”
Add Kanban Board
Choose a board you wish to add and save the settings.
Choose the board
Now you have a full-featured kanban board in a separate tab of the Teams channel.
Kanban in Teams

Dark theme

You can apply the dark theme for Kanban Board in Teams. Open the Teams settings (right-click on the Teams icon in the tray) and choose the dark theme.
Turn on the dark thme mode
The screen will switch to dark mode.
Dark mode
Now open the Teams channel where you have added the Virto Kanban Board as a separate tab. Or see how to do this in the “How to Install Virto Kanban Board for Microsoft Teams” blog post.
The kanban board will also be displayed in dark mode.
Kanban dark theme
If the board is somehow not synchronized to the Teams theme, open the board settings ("Advanced Setup") and ensure you have the checkbox “Use Microsoft Teams theme” ticked.
Use MS Teams theme
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