Use full-featured Kanban Board Pro by Virto during 30-day trial period. When the trial period is over, you may still use Kanban Board Pro for free for up to three users.

Kanban Board Pro licenses

Kanban Board Pro by Virto is licensed depending on the number of users with edit and read-only permissions.

For example, you plan to let ten users work with Kanban Board Pro. Two of them will have edit rights and eight of them will have read-only rights. You need to purchase ten licenses for all Kanban Board Pro users even though some of them will have read-only rights.

The minimum purchase for Kanban Board Pro by Virto is 20 users.

Auto-assign feature

Kanban Board Pro has a built-in auto-assign system. When a user without a license is trying to access the app, they can get the license automatically if there are some purchased unassigned licenses. The feature is not activated by default, you can enable it in the "License center" of Kanban Board app settings.

Please find the detailed description in "License management." The information about all Kanban Board Pro editions is on the product page.

If Kanban Board Pro is a part of Virto One Cloud edition

You can use Kanban Board Pro as a part of Virto One Cloud. Virto One Cloud has three editions: standard, professional, and ultimate. Kanban Board Pro is included in all of them.

The minimum purchase for Virto One Cloud is 50 users.

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