List setup

This is the first tab to adjust if you create a new board for an existing list. To change the settings for a current board, click the edit board icon next to its name.

In the “List Setup” tab, you can change the board name, add a description (optional), and choose a SharePoint list (or multiple lists) from a site collection. This list contains the data that will display on the kanban board.

You can make the board accessible only on the current SharePoint site.

To choose a list or multiple lists, click "Open lists picker."

In the lists picker, choose the site collection and then the list(s).

Pick more than one list if you need to combine them into a single board. The chosen lists are clickable: click them to view the list in Sharepoint if you need to.

Use the search string if you cannot find the list you need.

The "List setup" tab also contains the "Board templates" block described in the "Board templates" section.

Save the settings before you move to another tab.

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