Fields compatibility

To adjust the board correctly, you need to know how the fields of different types correspond to future board card fields. This is especially important when you need to merge multiple lists into a single board.

The "Available Content Types” drop-down menu in the list settings allows you to select the lists containing the chosen content type. The “Task” content type is the most appropriate for a kanban board and usually contains all fields required for board creation.

To use swimlanes, please check that the SharePoint list contains fields with several values, such as “Choice”, “Multichoice”, “User”, “Lookup”, “Boolean”, etc.

To use comments, check for a “Multiple Lines of Text” type column. This field will be used for keeping comments in the list.

In case you don't have the required fields in your SharePoint list, you can add them in the card settings.

Finally, you can always create a quick board with all the necessary fields and preferences added automatically.

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