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Virto Kanban Board

Creating a quick board

Use the quick board feature when you need to create a new board quickly. The SharePoint list with all the necessary fields and preferences will be created automatically.
To create a quick board, open the “Boards” list at the top of any kanban board and click “Create new board.”
Create new board
Select the “Quick Board” option.
Quick board option
Specify the name for the new board, and click “Create new board.”
Specify the board name
A list with the same name as the new board will also be created. You can see the demo task and default set of columns on the newly created board.
New board
To change the board settings and adjust it as needed, click the edit board icon next to the board name.
Edit board
See "List setup", "Board setup", "Card setup" and "Advanced setup" sections to find detailed information about Kanban board settings.
Quick boards have swimlanes organized by a project by default. You can change it by choosing the desired view from the "View by" drop down menu. Read more about how to work with swimlanes when creating a quick board in the Swimlanessection.