Adding fields to a custom list

Kanban Board Pro by Virto for Office 365 allows you to add fields to a custom list when creating a board from an existing list.

When you have chosen a list and reached the “Task information” step (in the “Cards Setup” tab), take a look at the fields—some of them are already selected and others are not.

Select the relevant fields for the visual date, the comments to be added to cards, and the labels. And in case the list does not contain an appropriate field, just click “Add new field” next to it. No need to navigate to the list settings and add fields. You’re creating a board and adding the required fields right here and at this very moment.

Specify the name of your field and save it. Tick the checkbox “Require that this field contains information” if necessary.

The added field will appear. Complete the same steps for the other fields if necessary. For example, in the same way, you can create fields of multichoice type for comments and labels.

The option to add fields is available for all users with the relevant permission level.

Make sure you have enabled the version history for the list you’ve chosen; tick the checkbox to enable it. The version history is required for the comment field.

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