Swimlanes visualize different classes of work as horizontal lanes on the board; you can group tasks by a chosen swimlane field. For example, you can group tasks by assignee, project, department, or priority. You can change the swimlane field directly on the board.

The swimlane settings are also found in the "Board setup" tab.

Any tasks that do not fit within other swimlanes’ conditions are automatically placed in default swimlane.

If the list field contains multiple values, for example, choice, multichoice, user, lookup, boolean, etc., it can be used as a swimlane field.

You can define the default sorting for swimlanes and apply various preferences with checkboxes.

The “Allow to drag tasks between swimlanes” checkbox allows you to move a task between swimlanes. The task will change the corresponding field in the source list accordingly. For example, if the swimlane is defined by a project field, it will be changed to another project.

The “Allow to change task value by moving item to default swimlane” checkbox allows you to change a task's value after you move it to the default swimlane. If this checkbox is selected, you can choose a new value after moving the task or leave the field.

The “Hide empty swimlanes” option allows you to hide swimlanes that don’t contain any tasks. You can show them again using the button on the board header.

The “Separated columns scroll for multiple swimlanes” option allows you to scroll through the columns of multiple swimlanes separately.

If you tick the checkbox “Dynamic swimlanes”, the values will be taken from the list without the ability to customize them. This feature may be useful if the swimlanes set of your source list is always being changed. In this case, you won’t need to change the swimlanes settings in Kanban Board—the swimlanes will be added or deleted automatically. If you always use a special set of swimlanes for this board, you can disable this option and customize the swimlanes in more flexible way.

The “Add swimlane for tasks without defined value of the field used as swimlane” option option adds a default swimlane for the tasks with values that don’t fit within the current swimlanes (for example, if their value field is empty). These tasks will be placed within this default swimlane.

It is also possible to rename the default swimlane, collapse it by default, and select columns used in a total count.

The “Display tasks total count for swimlanes” option allows you to count the number of tasks in selected swimlane columns. You can tick the required columns to use them for calculating the total number of tasks.

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