Installing Kanban Board Pro by Virto

Open the SharePoint site where you want to add the Kanban Board app and choose “App” in the “New” drop-down menu.

Search for "kanban" and find Kanban Board Pro by Virto in the list of available apps in the SharePoint store.

Click on the "Kanban Board Pro by Virto" app.

Click "Add to Apps site."

Then “Confirm data access” window will pop up. Kanban Board Pro can be added to all tenant sites (second option) or just allowed to be added by a SharePoint administrator (first option).

If you choose the first option (Only enable this app), you will need to add an app to each site where you want to use it.

Note: if you use Calendar Overlay Pro and has already given permission to this app, you won't need to do it for Kanban Board Pro.

Now you can add the app to your SharePoint site, just like you add any other app.

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