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Recurring events

In Virto calendar, you can use recurring events if you’re using a Sharepoint Calendar or Outlook Calendar as a data source.
Let’s say you have a Virto calendar containing Outlook events. Navigate to it and create a new event. Check the “Make this a repeating event” box to display the options for recurring events.
For example, set the pattern as “every 1 day” to create a daily meeting.
Use these settings to create events that recur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, on a specific date or only on weekdays.
You can also set an end date or set the events to end after a specific number of occurrences.
You can edit a single event or the whole series.
It is also possible to save a single recurring event to your Outlook calendar, for example, when you need to add a certain event to your Outlook calendar from the whole series. This action will generate the iCal file as described in the Add SharePoint events to Outlook.