Creating Microsoft Teams meeting from a calendar event

You can create Microsoft Teams meetings from Virto Calendar events. Virto calendar doesnโ€™t need to be added to Microsoft Teams as a separate tabโ€”simply edit events in your Virto calendar and add them to your Microsoft Teams calendar as meetings.

This feature is available for the Outlook calendar data source. Make sure your Outlook calendar supports this option.

Check you have Outlook (Exchange Online) selected as a data source in your Virto calendar. To do this, open the current calendar settings with the โ€œEdit Calendarโ€ icon.

Scroll down to โ€œExchange Settingsโ€ and check youโ€™ve chosen at least one of three Outlook exchange options.

Return to the calendar and edit the event you wish you add to Teams. Check the box โ€œTeams meetingโ€ and save the event.

Open your Microsoft Teams calendar and see the newly added Outlook event.

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