Adding SharePoint events to Outlook

To add SharePoint events to your Outlook calendar, create an iCalendar (.ics) file to add the event to Outlook.

In our example, a team has a corporate Virto calendar overlay with events from different data sources. Some of them are taken from Outlook, and others from SharePoint.

Let us imagine that an HR manager has just created a SharePoint events list of soft skills training sessions for the team and has added these to the Virto calendar.

We have hidden some events on the calendar to highlight the events from the β€œSoft Skills Master Class” data source. You can find in this training schedule the courses for improving soft skills.

HR tells the team to choose which courses they’d like to attend. Each team member can look at the calendar and add the sessions they’re interested into their own Outlook calendar by following the steps below.

Click the event and click the β€œAdd” icon on the bottom left of the tooltip pop-up.

Save the automatically generated .ics file and click it.

Click β€œCopy to My Calendar” in the Outlook event window as it appears on the screen.

The chosen event will appear in your Outlook calendar with the same data as in the Virto calendar.

In this way, the team members can add any events they wish to see to their Outlook calendar and join their chosen courses according to the schedule.

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