Authorization & Permission Request

In this step, you will see a permissions request. Click “Login to Azure AD.”

If you have tenant administrator rights, check "Consent on behalf of your organization" and click "Accept." Alternatively, contact your tenant administrator to do this.

By checking this box, the administrator authorises all users in Azure so that each user does not get this permissions request pop-up all the time when using the app.

If you don't receive this alert message, just skip this step.

Next, the administrator should open the Virto Calendar Overlay app and click the "Edit Calendar" icon on the top left.

In calendar settings, the administrator will see a message on the right-hand side stating that Virto Calendar requires additional permissions.

These permissions need to be granted to the application so it can identify the type of user (site administrator, some other user with permissions, etc.) to be able to create and edit information in the application.

The administrator should click "Grant required permission."

A window with an expanded list of required permissions to use the Virto calendar will open. Click the checkbox and the "Accept" button.

There are two levels of permissions that are relevant to Virto Calendar Overlay. Please check the User Permissions for more detailed information.

To enable the calendar overlaying feature of Virto Calendar Overlay, permissions are required. However, please note that these permissions are delegated and activated only by a specific user from your company with their permission.

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