Adding a new data source

This guide shows you how to add a new calendar from a SharePoint list.

First, click the β€œEdit calendar” icon next to the calendar name.

Choose one of two options in the β€œAvailable calendars” tab: β€œAdd existing data source” or β€œCreate new SharePoint data source.”

If you add an existing data source, choose a SharePoint list from the drop-down list.

You can also find all the available lists that will be displayed in this drop-down list in the "Available SharePoint data sources" tab.

Use the checkboxes to determine whether the calendar should be read-only, whether it should be shown in the calendar, and whether events should be hidden. You can also show the data source name in tooltip.

Click β€œAdd.” The new data source will now appear in the list.

Click β€œCreate new SharePoint data source” to add a new source. Choose a SharePoint list from the available list and fill in the required fields: name, site URL, data source time zone, fields for event title, start date, and end date.

For a calendar to display the time correctly, make sure that datasource time zone and time zone in SharePoint settings match.

To check if they match, go to your SharePoint site, click on the gear in the upper right corner, then find "Site settings" => "Regional settings", and make sure the time zones match.

Now let's get back to datasource settings. Choose a color for the new data source. Click β€œWeb Colors” within the color menu to pick from the full palette.

Select the fields you wish to show in the calendar tooltip. The same option is available for the event form (opens when you create or edit an event).

You can apply the same order to the fields in the form as they appear in the settings. It is also possible to disable edit/open event details from the tooltip.

When you’re ready, click β€œSave” to save the new data source.

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