Internet calendars (iCalendar feed, Google Calendar)

Virto Calendar Overlay supports adding iCalendar feeds to your Virto calendar view.

An iCalendar feed or .ics feed is a unique calendar format you can use with most calendar solutions.

Its key purpose is to share calendar data between different calendars and calendar applications. Calendar Overlay Pro supports adding events from online calendars that support iCal feeds with the help of the iCalendar link.

To add events from an external calendar to your Virto calendar, you need to follow three simple steps:

  • Create a new Virto calendar to add the events to.

  • Go to the external calendar—for example, Google Calendar—and generate a calendar link.

  • Add the copied link to Calendar Overlay Pro (in “Internet Calendars” in calendar settings).

For the external calendar to display correctly in the Virto calendar, its link should start with https:// - if the one you have looks different, please change it manually.

iCalendar feeds are read-only. Users are allowed to view the Calendar but cannot edit it.

Go to Google Calendar and click the three-dot icon next to the calendar you’d like to share in the “My Calendars” list. Click “Settings and sharing.”

Make your Google calendar available to public.

Scroll down to the iCal format links (below the “Integrate calendar” subheading) and copy the generated iCalendar link.

Open the Virto calendar settings and paste the copied link into the “Internet Calendars” block.

All the events from the Google calendar will now appear in your Virto calendar.

Use this method to add events from any external calendar that supports the iCalendar feed.

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