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Virto Calendar Overlay

General settings

In this section of the guide, you can find details about the “General settings” tab.
In the “General settings” tab you can change the calendar name and add a data source (from an existing data source or by creating a new one).
General settings

Data sources and basic options

You can also enable the “Add event status to title” option, use the client time zone, and define the fields displayed for multiday views (week, month, etc.).
Additional settings

Filter Exchange events

You can filter Exchange events by status or display all of them.
Filter Exchange events

Internet calendars

In the "General settings" tab, you can add ICS calendars from the internet by pasting in the iCal URL.
internet calendars

Common categories

If you have too many color-coded categories, you can unify them for better visualization. See the detailed description of this option in the “Unify Categories” section. If you only want to display events in a particular category, check the box “Show events of these categories only.”
Common categories

Location field

Calendar Overlay Pro supports adding locations from the available list. To choose a location for your calendar entry, just select it from the list in the calendar settings. This option saves the location field for Outlook entries as well.
Location field

Default calendar view

Define the default calendar view (displayed when you navigate to the SharePoint site page where the calendar is added).
Default view

Other options

You can also use the general settings to determine whether or not to show the data source legend, the width of a tooltip, displayed views, and more.
Other calendar options
Remember to save the changed settings by clicking “Save” or “Save and open” before closing the settings.
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