Troubleshooting and Support

Common Issues:

  • Permission Issues: Ensure that the necessary permissions are granted through Azure AD.

  • App Errors: Try reinstalling the app if errors persist.

Resetting Authorization and Permissions:

  • If you install the app and skip the checkbox "Consent on behalf of your organization," or if anything went wrong and you need to reset the authorization and permissions, follow these steps:

    1. Use the browser incognito mode and log in to your Azure portal.

    2. Go to Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications > Virto Apps.

    3. Delete the Virto Apps.

    4. Return to the installed Calendar app on SharePoint or Teams.

    5. Repeat the "Authorization and Permissions" steps.


  • Book a free 15-minute meeting with the technical team for any setup or configuration issues.

  • Contact support via email at or call +1 (877) 892-7775

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