Links, attachments and tables

If you need to send an alert about list items containing attachments, you can include links, pictures, or tables in the alert email. These options are in the β€œMessage view” block.

As an example, an email alert with a table may look like this. But you can add a link or an image the same way.

You can create tables in your alert and define the value of table border and columns width. Choose the number of columns and rows in your table.

Then define the width of the columns and the thickness of the border in pixels.

Now you have a table in your alert. You can add or delete columns and rows with the additional buttons.

If your alert has an item from a lookup, the item will contain a link to view form of this item. For example, if your alert has a β€œclient” lookup field, you will receive this field with a link to the client’s card view form in the alert.

If you select the β€œSend notification immediately” alert schedule, the option β€œAppend Item Attachments” will be available under the footer settings.

Using this option, you can send an alert email with a list item attachments in it.

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