Complex links

You can add variable pictures and complex URLs to alerts and reminders. First, go to the β€œMy alerts” page and click the edit icon next to the alert you’d like to add variable images to.

In the alert settings, find the β€œMessage view” block. This is where we will add the image.

Click the add complex link icon.

When you click β€œAdd complex link”, you should choose a title source and a URL source.

The title source determines what the link will look like. You can choose a source from the list of available fields. In our case, we will choose β€œCourse Image.” This is the image type field of the source SharePoint list.

Second, the URL source is where the link will take the user when they click it. Choose between β€œDisplay Item URL” or β€œEdit Item URL.” If a SharePoint item has a URL, it will be automatically added to the alert.

As a result, the alert scheme will look as shown below. You can adjust it as you wish.

If someone adds an image to the source SharePoint list, the recipients will see the alert in their email client.

The recipients can see the alert in their email client.

See how the alert looksβ€”the clickable image is added automatically. Clicking on the image will take you to the details.

You can apply the same method to reminders and use this method for a document library from your SharePoint site. In this case, you should choose documents as a source. The source link will also offer to navigate to a file, so clicking on the image, file name, or any other chosen title source will link to this file.

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