How to send alerts from SharePoint to Microsoft Teams

Webhooks are a way for apps to send notifications and information to other apps. Creating an incoming webhook gives you a unique URL to use when creating an alert; this will allow the Alerts and Reminders app to post messages into Microsoft Teams.

In the example below, we’re working on a SharePoint list and need to know instantly when anybody in the team creates a new itemβ€”our list contains contracts to be signed and attached, and we need to receive an alert when any new contracts are added.

Step 1: Create an incoming webhook

Open the settings of the team in Microsoft Teams that will receive the alerts and click β€œConnectors.”

Find β€œIncoming Webhook” in the list of connectors and click β€œAdd.”

Name the webhook and save it.

Copy the URL below to the clipboard. This URL will be used in Alerts and Reminders by Virto.

Step 2: Create an alert

Open your SharePoint site, navigate to the β€œMy alerts” page, and click β€œAdd alert.”

Select the SharePoint contracts list and adjust the alert as required.

Open the β€œRecipients” block and paste the copied webhook URL into the β€œMS Teams Webhook URL” field.

Make any other adjustments to the alert as needed (add a title, define when it will be sent, etc.) and save it.

Step 3: Receive alerts from SharePoint in Microsoft Teams

Now when a new contract (i.e., list item) is added by your colleagues, the alert will be sent directly to the team in Microsoft Teams.

This simple option makes it easy to adjust any business process. You can apply this feature to multiple teams to create webhooks for each of them. You can track any changes, notify about any events, remind people of deadlines, and so on. If you use Alerts and Reminders by Virto to send SharePoint alerts to Teams, your team will enjoy receiving all their important notifications in a single, convenient place.

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