In the β€œRecipients” section, you need to define who will receive the alert. Choose users or groups for the β€œTo” field and for the β€œCC” and β€œBCC” fields if needed.

You need administrator rights to send alerts to other users.

You can send alerts to users according to a specified field value. For example, if you need to send alerts to users who have changed the list, click the add user icon to the right of the β€œTo” field and select β€œModified by.” This will send alerts to users who have modified the current list.

Microsoft Teams Webhook URL is an integrated option with Microsoft Teams. You can add a Microsoft Teams channel as a recipient and show the alert message in it.

Specify the email addresses to be displayed as β€œFrom” and β€œReply To.”

You can also set default addresses for β€œFrom” and β€œReply To” in the "Settings" tab.

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