Message view

In the โ€œMessage viewโ€ section, you can adjust the appearance of the alert and specify what information it will contain.

First, specify the email subject.

You can add a tag or a field value to the alert subject and it will change according to the change to the list. For example, if you need to show who has added a vacation date in the subject, choose the โ€œModified Byโ€ field value. When the alert is sent, the name of the person who made the change will appear in place of the field value.

If you tick the checkbox โ€œIs importantโ€, the email alert will be marked as important in the recipientโ€™s email client.

Define the header and footer of the message; for example, add a logo.

You can adjust the message body as you wishโ€”add text, use styles and fonts, add images, use tables, and apply tags or field values.

For example, add the โ€œModified Byโ€ field value and the โ€œList Linkโ€ tag to include the name of the person who made the change and a link to the source list in your message body.

You can allow appending the attachment by ticking the โ€œAppend Item Attachmentsโ€ checkbox.

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