In the β€œGeneral” section, choose the SharePoint list you want to create an alert for. You may also choose a folder with documents.

Choose a change type (i.e., trigger) for the alert.

Specify the title of the new alert. This will appear in your list of alerts.

By default, β€œEnabled” is ticked for a new alert, but you can disable it and activate the alert later.

Usually, only the administrator and the alert creator (or owner) can edit an alert. Only the administrator can access these alerts if an alert owner is no longer in your organization. You can change the alert owner to give any other user or group permission to edit alerts.

You can import and export an existing alert. If you click β€œImport,” you can choose an alert template saved to your disk. The β€œExport” option will save the current alert as a template to your disk in JSON format.

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