You can use subtasks to split tasks and work on them step by step.

Go to the “Advanced Setup” tab and tick the “Enable Subtask/Checklist” checkbox to start using subtasks.

If you check the box “Allow multilevel”, you can create subtasks for subtasks.

Now click “Add new subtask.”

Now click the "Add new subtask."

Fill in the form and save the subtask.

The subtask will appear in the list of subtasks.

Additionally, you can choose an existing task to be a subtask instead of creating a new one. To do this, type the task ID or start typing the title into the “Add existing task” search box to find it.

Parent ID field

Task lists use the parent ID field by default, but you can change this and use any other lookup field.

We use the parent ID field for quick boards because the board is made for a task list. This provides the maximum compatibility with tools such as Microsoft Project, Gantt, etc.

If your board is created from a custom SharePoint list, it may not contain the Parent ID field (as it is usually done by default for task list functionality). To use the subtask mode in this case, you should add at least one lookup field to it for proper work of parent-child task relations.

When you create a quick board, the source task list is created automatically. It already contains the Parent ID lookup field required for using the subtask mode.

View subtasks on the kanban board

On your kanban board, subtasks will also display the name of their parent task on a blue background. In the example below, you can see two subtasks of the “Collect the contacts” task.

Subtask counter

You can track how many subtasks the parent task has with the help of the subtask counter. This will also appear on a card when you enable subtasks for the board. In this case, “1/2” means that the parent task has two subtasks and one of them is already completed.

Edit subtasks in the subtasks tab

You can edit subtasks directly in the parent task’s card. Just switch to the “Subtasks” tab, make the required changes, and save them.

Use the subtasks feature for situations when tasks need to be split into smaller steps or when you need to add a checklist to a task.

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