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Getting started with Virto Kanban Pro

Have you just installed Kanban Board Pro to your SharePoint site but aren’t sure what the next step is? We’re here to help you get started.
Go to the SharePoint site page where you’d like to add Kanban Board and switch to edit mode
Switch to Edit page mode
Click the plus icon to add a new web part in column one.
Add a new web part
Add Kanban Board and remember to republish the page.
Add Kanban Board
If you see the permissions request, click "Login to Azure AD."
Login to start authorization
Click the checkbox for “Consent on behalf of your organization” and then click “Accept.” If you don’t have administrator rights, ask your tenant administrator to complete this step.
Kanban Authorization
Now you can create your first kanban board. To do this, click “Create new board.”
Create new board
You have three options: create a quick board, use an existing SharePoint list, or use a template. Let’s create a quick board.
Choose a quick board
Specify a name for the first board and click “Create new board.”
Board creation
Now you will see a board containing four columns and one task.
Every board uses a SharePoint list (or multiple lists) as a data source. When you create a quick board, the list with all the necessary fields and preferences is created automatically.
New board
Now let’s create a new task.
New task creation
Fill in the task form and save the task (by clicking “Save & Close”).
Fill in the task form
The new task will appear on your board. You can drag and drop it to change the status.
Created Kanban board
Here is your first kanban board! Later on, you can tune it as you wish using the edit board button.
Edit board
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