Actions with calendar items

Virto Calendar Overlay provides different views of events: day, week, month, year, work week, task (days), task (hours), and multisource view. You can switch between views within the calendar to change the display.

To create an event, open the required view tab, for example, Month. Use your mouse to choose the required period of time for the event (drag&drop) or just click the day. Type in the name, select the data source, specify start and end dates, and location, and click “Save”.

Or click “Full details” to add more information to the event (for example, attendees and attachments).

You can change events' duration by dragging their border or resizing them.

Year view does not support drag & drop. Resizing events is available in the Day, Week, and Work Week views.

Click “Edit” in the tooltip to edit the event.

The panel on the top of the calendar contains a refresh button, navigation buttons, a search string, and dropdowns of categories and views.

If your calendar contains too many events, just start typing the title of the event you’re searching for and click “Search.” The calendar will filter events and display only the ones you need.

Show and hide data sources by clicking them.

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