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Microsoft Planner

Calendar Overlay Pro for Office 365 supports adding items from Microsoft Planner to your shared calendar for efficient collaboration and planning in teams.
Many VirtoSoftware clients use Microsoft Planner to organize their teams. This intuitive Office 365 tool helps to visualize task management and features content-rich task cards, checklists, labels, charts, and more. But sometimes this isn’t enough, for instance, if you need to track events in your calendar together with tasks from the Planner. In this case, it seems that the only option is to constantly switch between the apps to check the progress of each.
But with the Calendar Overlay Pro app, you just need to add tasks from your Planner to your Virto calendar to see them all in a single view.
To do this, go to the Virto calendar settings (using the “Edit calendar” icon).
Edit calendar
Scroll down to “Exchange settings” and check the box “Display tasks from MS Planner.”
Virto Calendar exchange settings
Remember to save the calendar settings. Now you can see your Planner tasks in your Virto calendar without needing to switch between the apps.
Planner tasks in Virto Calendar
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