Reminders for corporate training courses

We have a SharePoint list with planned educational courses for company employees. We need to notify them about upcoming courses so they can review their schedule and allow time to attend courses they’re interested in. The reminder should also appear in the Microsoft Teams channel. We’ll use Alerts and Reminders by Virto to do this.

Go to the β€œMy alerts” page and click β€œAdd reminder.”

Choose the SharePoint list containing the planned courses and enter a title for the new reminder. Then click β€œRecipients.”

In the β€œRecipients” section, we need to add a Microsoft Teams webhook to send the alert directly to the Microsoft Teams channel.

Then click "Add."

Then provide the name of your webhook and click β€œCreate.”

Copy the generated link to the clipboard and click β€œDone.”

Paste this URL into the β€œMS Teams Webhook URL” field in the β€œRecipients” block.

Define the appearance of your reminder in the β€œMessage view” block. We will mark it as important using the β€œIs important” checkbox.

We will also add a table containing the upcoming courses, their start date and time, and their duration. Click the add table icon and choose the number of rows and columns. We need three columns.

Define the width of the columns and the thickness of the border in pixels.

Add the β€œItem link” tag to the first column (using the add tag icon). The reminder will add the value from the chosen list automatically, and recipients will see the title of the upcoming course and a link to it as a result. The added tag will appear in blue.

Click the add field value icon and add the start date and duration to the next two columns. Added field values appear in green.

This is the resulting message.

To finish creating a reminder, go to the β€œOptions” block and specify when recipients will receive the reminder. We need to send reminders two days before a course starts, so let’s choose β€œSend on date depending on a field value.” Choose β€œStart Date” as the field value and specify β€œbefore” and β€œ2 days.” Then click β€œSave.”

Now, two days before a course starts, a reminder will appear in the chosen Microsoft Teams channel.

And the same message will appear as an email alert.

This is how you can organize automatic notifications for your team. Almost any level of flexibility is available. Just decide what you need to see and use the wide range of features offered by Alerts and Reminders by Virto to make it happen.

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