Preview image and video URLs in Microsoft Teams alerts

Use case description

We are going to work with the β€œVideo Content Plan” list. This list contains data about videos published on the corporate YouTube channel. We would like to notify the team of newly added videos with Alerts and Reminders by Virto. When a new item with a video description, preview image, and video URL appears in the list, we need an automatic alert with a clickable preview image to go to the Microsoft Teams channel.

First, choose the right source list. Find a SharePoint list with β€œImage” and β€œHyperlink” column types for a new notification.

Choose this list when you create a new alert.

Check you have β€œNew items are added” selected in the β€œChange Type” field to make this the chosen alert trigger.

Add a complex link to the alert in the β€œMessage View” block as described in the "Complex links" section. The title source is β€œPreview Image,” and the URL source is β€œDisplay Item URL.”

Step 2: Add the webhook

To send this alert to the Teams channel, you need to create and insert the webhook: follow these simple steps and insert the webhook URL in the β€œRecipients” section. Remember to save the new alert.

Check the new alert you have just created.

Step 3: Enjoy the result

Now, if someone adds a new video to the list, an email notification containing the clickable image will be sent to the chosen recipients. When a user clicks the image, they will be redirected to the YouTube video.

The same message will appear in the chosen Teams channel.

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