Kanban Board Pro by Virto supports making reports for your boards in a chart view. Click the charts icon in the upper right corner to open the chart view.

Here you can see task statistics displayed in five graphs: “Status”, “Assigned to”, “Completion”, “Burndown”, and “Lead Time.”

Status chart

This is a pie chart with tasks grouped by status. In the drop-down menu, select the field you need to analyze, for example, the due date, the time period to analyze, and the unit—number of tasks, percentage, or budget. You can save this chart as an image.

Assigned To chart

This is a graph with tasks grouped by assignees. It works in a similar way to the status chart. For example, here you can see the board members who modified tasks over the last month.

Completion chart

Use the completion chart to see tasks that were completed on time or went overdue. Since the data displayed in the chart comes from the SharePoint source list, completed tasks may also be in other columns, such as “Deferred” or “Need someone else.” You can add these to your report as well.

The “Completion” chart shows only tasks with a due date set. If a task has no due date, it does not appear here on this chart.

To see the completion report in detail, you can export the chart to a CSV file. In this format, you can sort the tasks and, for instance, see the team members responsible for the overdue tasks.

Burndown chart

You can use the burndown chart to display the work remaining. The graph is formed automatically according to the tasks remaining on the board. Simply choose the desired period to analyze the efficiency.

Lead time chart

The lead time chart measures the total time elapsed from the creation of work items to their completion.

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