What are Kanban Board Pro user permissions for?

Customizing user permissions in Kanban Board makes it possible to define which Kanban Board users, groups of users, departments, or divisions can access information. By defining the permissions, you can set who can and cannot see the information.

It is also possible to create per-board permissions and define default user permissions for your tenant or your specific board. Default permissions define the board permissions of a user with a license if their permissions are not configured individually.

User permissions can enable users to carry out the following actions:

  • view the information,

  • edit information,

  • manage settings.

To understand the logic of Kanban Board’s permissions, please keep in mind that Kanban Board visualizes the information that is stored in your SharePoint list. To edit information on the board, the user must have permission to edit and save the SharePoint list item.

Though Kanban Board’s permissions cannot exceed or override SharePoint user permissions, it can give you unprecedented flexibility and enable you to bring new essential scenarios to life.

There are three roles in the Kanban Board app:

  • license manager

  • board admin

  • a user with default or defined board permissions

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