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Configuring Virto Calendar

Now the app is ready for configuration! Click “Configure my Virto calendar.”
Now, you can create your first Virto calendar. Specify the name of the new calendar.
Then, choose a SharePoint calendar to take" data from. If you have" no appropriate SharePoint calendar on your site, you will see “No calendars existing.” In this case, you can add available Outlook calendars from the list. When you're finished, click "Create & Go."
Check out your first Virto Calendar!
VirtoSoftware doesn't store your data. Permissions are required to display to a user who opens the calendar app overlaid calendars in real-time. The tool has access to provided permissions only when this user works with Calendar Overlay Pro. A private key is generated for this session, and nobody except this user reuses it for future data access: new session—new private key.