Configuring Virto Calendar

Now the app is ready for configuration! Click β€œConfigure my Virto calendar.”

Now, you can create your first Virto calendar. Specify the name of the new calendar.

Then, choose a SharePoint calendar to take" data from. If you have" no appropriate SharePoint calendar on your site, you will see β€œNo calendars existing.” In this case, you can add available Outlook calendars from the list. When you're finished, click "Create & Go."

Check out your first Virto Calendar!

VirtoSoftware doesn't store your data. Permissions are required to display to a user who opens the calendar app overlaid calendars in real-time. The tool has access to provided permissions only when this user works with Calendar Overlay Pro. A private key is generated for this session, and nobody except this user reuses it for future data access: new sessionβ€”new private key.

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