Second level: Virto Calendar Overlay Permissions Settings

To access the Virto Calendar permissions settings, click the cog icon in the upper right corner and click “Settings.”

Then click the “Permission” tab.

Here you will find three categories of permission settings: for a tenant, a current site, and user permissions.

In case you wish to make a calendar and data sources accessible on the particular site collection where they were created, check the box in the first set.

If, in the current site, you want to show calendars and sources from this site only, check the corresponding box.

To select users who can edit Virto Calendar, type their name/surname or email and click “+” to add them to the list of allowed users.

You can assign them the roles of calendar manager or license manager. License managers can assign calendar managers, while calendar managers can edit calendar and data source settings on the current site collection.

As you may have noticed, the possibility of editing some users is muted. These users are site collection administrators. Therefore, to remove these users from the list of allowed users, you must remove them from site collection administrators.

To edit the list of site collection administrators, you must go to your site collection settings. To do this, go to your SharePoint page, click on the cog icon in the upper right corner, and click “Site permissions.

Then proceed to “Advanced permissions settings.

In the top menu, you will find “Site Collection Administrators.” Click it.

Now you can edit the site administrators by typing their names to find and add new administrators or by clicking “x” to unassign any current administrator.

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