Alerts and Reminders by Virto are licensed according to the number of created alerts or reminders (not sent emails).

The Basic edition includes 30 alerts and does not support reminders.

The Standard edition includes 100 alerts or reminders.

The Professional (Pro) edition includes 250 alerts or reminders. Supports making the overview of scheduled emails (the queue).

You can also request unlimited alerts and reminders in the enterprise edition. Please find detailed information about the editions on the Alerts and Reminders product page.

The "Subscription" tab contains information about your plan. Here you can check the status and renew the subscription. If you're using a trial version, you can make a purchase on this tab.

If Alerts and Reminders is a part of Virto One Cloud edition

You can use Alerts and Reminders by Virto as a part of Virto One Cloud. Virto One Cloud has three editions: standard, professional, and ultimate. Alerts and Reminders app is included in all of them.

The minimum purchase for Virto One Cloud is 50 users.

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