Alerts and Reminders by Virto App administration

When you have added Virto Alerts to your SharePoint site, you can adjust the app and start working.

My alerts

The โ€œMy alertsโ€ tab contains the alerts you are the owner of. By default, if you create an alert, you become the owner and have permission to disable, edit, or delete this alert.

To disable an alert, untick the green checkbox. Disabled alerts are highlighted in pink.

The queue icon will take you to the โ€œQueueโ€ tab, where you can view when the chosen alert or reminder was or will be sent according to the schedule.

For example, specify the range of dates to see when this alert was sent during this time frame.

Click the appropriate icons next to an alert to edit or delete it.

All alerts

The โ€œAll alertsโ€ tab contains alerts and reminders of other users available to you. (All alerts are available if you're the owner, belong to a chosen group of recipients, or are an added recipient, you're a tenant admin.)


The โ€œQueueโ€ tab tracks alerts and reminders sent during a specified period.


In the "Settings" tab, you can apply general preferences for all alerts and reminders. First, choose the time zone from the list.

To add support for Azure AD groups as recipients, click โ€œManage Azure AD applicationโ€ and follow the instructions.

Specify the email and title for the "From" and "Reply to" fields.

You can adjust the default header, footer, and message body for your alerts and notifications. The default settings will be applied if no settings are specified for a new alert or reminder.

Finally, choose the groups or users who will have permission to create alerts for other users and external emails. Start typing a userโ€™s name and click โ€œAddโ€ next to the relevant user in the list.

To apply all the preferences for the current SharePoint site, click โ€œApply to this site.โ€

Applying the settings described above within the โ€œSettingsโ€ tab will define the default settings for alerts or reminders; however, you can change these settings for each alert or reminder as needed.


Assign administrators in the โ€œAdministratorsโ€ tab. Click โ€œApplyโ€ to confirm.


The โ€œSubscriptionโ€ tab contains information about your plan. Here you can check your planโ€™s status and renew your subscription. You can purchase the full version from this tab if you're using a trial version.

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