Answer these questions before you start

You already know the difference between alerts and reminders, So before you start using Alerts and Reminders by Virto, answer these questions:

  • What do I want to notify about? (About something that has happened or will happen)

  • Where is this data stored? (In a SharePoint list or document library)

  • Whom do I want to notify? (Who will be the recipients—group or users)

  • When do I want to inform them? (What time would be convenient for receiving the alert or notification)

Please note that alerts and reminders in SharePoint are always related to a list or document library because everything in SharePoint is based on lists or files. These are used as bricks to build the site for your work. So even if you’re using a calendar in SharePoint and need to notify someone about upcoming events, this calendar is just one of the views of a SharePoint list. You need to know the name of this list to use it in your alert or reminder.

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